Thursday, November 12, 2015

Meet Alhassan, the Best Guide in Northern Ghana

About Me

What is your name?
Alhassan Masah
Where do you live?
Tamale, Ghana
What languages do you speak well enough to converse?
English, Twi, Gonja, Dagomba, Wala. 
Do you have any experience working with foreigners?
Yes. I was born and raised in Mole National Park where my father was a ranger for 40 years. I have always spent my time and work with foreigners.
What is your profession? What work experience do you have?
Tour Guide/ safari guide. Tourism Management. Due to my hard work and determination to promote tourism within my area I won the award for best tour guide in northern Ghana 2014.
Do you like to be around people?
Are you involved in any community activities?
I am the founder and president for Mognori Eco village near Mole National Park.
What is your favorite place to show visitors in Ghana?
Mole national park safari. Culture and history of the upper east people of northern Ghana and the mountains in the Volta region.
Why do you want to work with Easy Track Ghana?
To promote Eco tourism in northern Ghana.
Can you properly operate a digital camera?